5 Easy Ways to Get Organised For University

So, University just started again for me last week. This would be my 3rd year and lets just say i am still a hot mess at beginning of every single semester ! But there are definitely some steps/ organisational methods i use to get my sh*t together to feel less overwhelmed when everything starts to pile up.  Sometimes the small steps you take can actually help in the long term to make you feel more put together. 

So, here are my tips to 5 Easy Ways to Get Organised For University .... 

Garnier Body - Ultimate Beauty Oil Review

I have been using the Garnier Body - Ultimate Beauty Oil for almost 2 months now and have actually been enjoying the product. So why not create a review to inform those who maybe be interested?

Make Up Monday - Future Shopping Cart

Here are 4 items i have been meaning to purchase for a while now. Actually, cross out while and replace it with since forever! The only reason why i have not yet got my hands around these products because firstly all these brands are not widely available in Australia and secondly if you do happen to come across it, prices are like bazzillion $$$. Make up shopping over here is ridiculous. So much envy for Americans ahahaaha. But anyways i have decided i will very soon start purchasing these following items. Here is a wishlist !

1 - NARS sheer glow foundation
2 - Housglass ambient lighting palette
3 - Naked 2 Paltette
4 - Smashbox primer

Shall be mine soon!

xoxo nuRdz

Wishlist & Inspiration

I have been also obsessed with browsing Pinterest. Amazed by gorgeous photos and peoples creativity. Here are some of the things i am loving this week ! 

Flower arrangements


BELLABOX - August 2014!

So i got my first ever Bellabox order the other day. I honestly didn't know what to expect but was very excited to finally subscribe to a monthly beauty box. I believe it is $15 per month for Australia. I really like the concept of getting the chance to try new products that i probably would generally never end up buying.

The box is super cute and i liked their presentation. The Australis lipstick colour is totally something i would wear (Love me some red!) Also excited to try the Burts bees facial cleanser and the mini lotion bottles are always very useful to chuck in the bag when on the go during winter especially.

All in all i found the August box quite average. Lets see what the next few months have to offer. Wondering if anyone already use some of these products hmmmm?

The hunt...

The hunt.....Wishlist!

5 things currently on a hunt to buy....

1 -  Black & gold designer watch.

Priceline Shopping Haul - Beauty & Make up

**Priceline Haul**

Yesterday after work i went to Priceline to initially pick up 2 products but ended up with 10 LOL.I had a $35.84 gift voucher from my Priceline sister club membership points so that came out to be really handy.

I decided i wanted to try out the Rimel wake me up foundation. I haven't been wearing make up at all recently but thought i'd try something new for the summer approaching. Also got a bronzer from Rimel because i just friggen love bronzers! Priceline is currently having buy 2 products and have the 3rd one free for Rimel so i got a free lipstick in 006 Pink blush.

Decided to try out something from the brand Essence in Priceline. I got a liquid ink waterproof eyeliner simply because i am running out of my favourite eyeliner . It was $4.25.

nurdzpiration - Priceline Shopping Haul

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